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PDX Yard Cleaners

Yard Maintenance Portland Oregon



Tree care isn't just our business – it is our passion. We love what we do and it shows in the painstaking care and attention to detail we put into the services we provide to our customers. Grapevine Tree Service offers assistance with tree planting, tree trimming, tree and stump removal, brush clearing, root removal, and more. Whatever tree care needs you have, our team of professional, experienced arborists can help. We are the leading tree service in Grapevine TX. Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our experts!

About Us

We are an excited and fun team when it comes to getting the job done for our clients. In our climate we experience a true all four-season climate conditions. Therefore yard maintenance can feel like a never-ending task. We, at PDX Yard Cleaners, pride ourselves on crafting custom solutions for our clients and community that simplify their responsibilities whilst freeing up their time to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. Our customers have always been the primary core of everything we do, cleaning and maintaining yards is a focus, however comes second to doing what is required to completely satisfy our customer base. Further, we strongly believe in community reinvestment and staff training/development. By doing so, we are able to further push the needle within our industry and continuously add more value for our clients,


During our time as the leading yard servicing organization in the great Portland area, we have been fortunate to understand what it takes to surpass our customer’s expectations and proactively provide services aligned to their needs. In addition, we consistently survey and listen to our clients for feedback on ways we can improve for them. Throughout our experience we have been able to methodically design efficient services and scale around six core services. In addition to these, we are able to further substitute and customize for our customers during a consultation with them. Call our office today to learn more about what we can do to return your back yard into a welcoming haven to make it feel like home again.

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Yard Maintenance

Our team is well versed in all things yard maintenance and landscaping. We are well equipped to cover and support you for your entire project site needs. Everything from snow removal, weed removal, grass restoration or bush trimming…we have all the technology and equipment necessary to make your back yard a comfortably, well maintained space. A yard speaks a tremendous amount about to the general vitals of your entire home. We want that first look and initial perception to be a standout for you and your home. Our team specializes in all things yard maintenance. Let us get your yard to lead the pack and be the envy of all your neighbors.

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Fall Clean Up

Fall is a beautiful time of year enjoyed by all…well that’s our hope. Fall is a time of year where either your yard is subject to lots of debris and potential mess. Don’t let your home look although it was neglected. Call our fall clean up team at PDX Yard Cleaners for your fall clean up. We have the equipment and supplies to make sure your yard is in tip top shape during fall. Our team is ready to take care of it all. Everything from raking leaves, weed control, grass trimming, pruning, and branch clean up and fertilizer application is taken care of under our umbrella of services.

“I cannot say enough great things about this team. They do everything to support you as a customer and are always looking for ways to improve. I will continue to use them for years.” Rachel K.

Debris Removal

Have you recently undergone a renovation or general clean up at your site or home? If so, we are here to facilitate in the debris removal and clean up of your project. Waste and debris are unfortunately a very real part of any job we undertake in the yard and therefore we can carefully craft a service to appropriately take care of this on behalf of our customers. The removal of debris will be fully hauled away by our team and trucks. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your debris removal needs.

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Weed Removal

This year, make sure your yard is not subject to overgrown, damaging weeds. We take the hassle out of yard maintenance and make sure you can fully enjoy your space without the ugly hindrance and responsibility of control weed growth. As with most, the longer you neglect your yard, the more the weeds grow and therefore the bigger the issue becomes. Let us guide you to a weed-free back yard. Our experts carry a depth of knowledge when it comes to the appropriate measures taken to prevent weeds year after year.

Using a weed pulling tool to remove a weed from the lawn by hand

“I really do value the team at PDX, they consistently do a great job for me and my yard” – Ben K.

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Pressure Washing

We love pressure washing for our client’s homes and businesses. We love it because we have carefully designed a system that delivers an excellent result for our clients and their pressure washing needs. Just imagine how satisfying it might be to one day see your concrete or deck cover in dirt and then the next, find out how it looks with a new freshly washed surface. The different is incredible. We have helped thousands of people in our community understand and utilize the proper methods of pressure washing their space.

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Spring Cleanup

Springtime and everyone is getting ready to enjoy their yards more frequently again. This is very busy time of year for us however we make the time for all our customers. Everything from garden beds, landscaping, grass fertilization is done proactively to get your yard in top condition for the season.

“The team they sent to remove all the junk and yard waste from my home were just amazing. They took care of everything, it looked fantastic and it was super affordable” – Gary L.

Contact Us Today

​We have a concentration on the yard maintenance and cleanliness for our community. Our team all appreciate and value, work and time it takes in cherishing our customer’s yards as though they were our very own. From fall clean up, weed removal or regular yard maintenance, we have the tools and experience necessary to make sure we are able to provide an unmatched disturbance free, sensible and affordable option for the well being of your yard. We are the leading experts in the yard maintenance and clean up sector in the greater Portland area. Contact our customer service team today to find out how we can customize a solution specifically for you.