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About Our Business

PDX Yard Cleaners - About

Our company started several years ago with the concentration on customer service. Our leaders always understood the importance of doing what is right. We are fully transparent with our customers and provide them the time they require to make a decision. All information is provided upfront so they can make an educated choice on whether our services are well suited for them. We further this commitment to making sure all of our staff undergo customer service training as well as routine development sessions to brainstorm and study our industry and current services. We believe that if you are not innovating or adapting with the times or your customers, that you will eventually be left standing alone. We are an ever-evolving company that does make mistakes but we own them and rectify them in any way we can.

Yard maintenance is such a huge part of general atheistic and appeal when driving down a neighborhood, approaching someone’s property or arriving at a place of business. It is a very personal aspect within someone’s life, an owners business, which reflects and reveals the vitals of the property or business. We take this very seriously and are proud that our customers trust us with such a paramount and crucial aspect of their home or business. Allow our team to better understand your needs, your property and your business so we can further develop the appropriate solution that fits within your life.