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Fall Clean-Up

PDX Yard Cleaners - Fall Clean-up 2

Oregon is the most beautiful state with a stunning fall scenic view. Having such splendorous views and picturesque views with colorful leaves is a privilege. We are truly blessed to live in the best country in the world, and experience the classic fall season here in Oregon. Along with the beauty of the season comes the clean up associated with the changing weather. The leaves change color but then fall to the ground. Our pools require winterizing and our trees demand trimming. To accomplish these maintenance steps to keep our yard at their peak call PDX Yard Cleaners. We are a highly accredited professional yard maintenance team who excels at fall clean up projects.

Leaf Clean Up

Diverse and warm colored leaves are part of the view we associate with fall. They come with the package of the season. There is a better way to collect your organic waste and remove it from your property. Calling PDX Yard Cleaners to handle your unwanted and excess organic waste is the clear best option for Portland residents. Our tools and waste disposal standards are cutting edge and follow environmental standards set by our government.

October Lawn Care

October is the time to take control of the condition of your lawn for the upcoming colder months. Being proactive when taking care of your lawn has been shown to be beneficial when it comes to the health of the area come spring. Proactive lawn care in October will surely give you a stunning green and vibrant lawn come the next spring season. With Halloween coming up, thanksgiving and of course the holiday season you do not have time to spend winterizing your outdoor space. Leave the list to PDX Yard Cleaners and take back your time with your loved ones.

Tree Trimming

Oregon has absolutely stunning vegetation including the array of deciduous trees and evergreen varieties. Trees like any living organism have life spans. We take care of the cleaning, removal and pruning of trees on your property. Call today to confer with our highly skilled removal specialists and decipher the type of service that is best suited to your situation. The decision to avoid trimming your trees can lead to decay of the branches and potential damage to surrounding structures. We want you to have a safe outdoor space and protect your investment.

Gutter Cleaning

Our team is in high demand for this service in Portland Oregon; the lush foliage that comes with the Oregon climate brings plenty of organic waste. This waste can easily clog up the route for water runoff in your gutters. When there is not a clear route for water to escape the roof it can go into the structure and in turn, cause water damage inside of your home. To avoid this expensive unfortunate event, periodically have your gutters cleaned by PDX Yard Cleaners. We are efficient, affordable and trusted by residents of this great state.