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Pressure Washing

Backyard Garden Paths Cleaning with Pressure Washer.

Pressure washing is a technique used to clean impurities and built up organic waste and debris from outdoor spaces. PDX Yard Cleaners offers pressure-washing services for various areas of your outdoor space. This service uses high-pressure water flow to disperse paint, mold grime, dust, and mud from surfaces.  The pressure of the water coming out of the hose is higher than the volume your typical garden hose would provide. The process also uses less water than the option of using a garden hose. To keep your property clean and safe, free of hazards a periodic pressure washing can be beneficial.


Outdoor living space is built to be enjoyed and utilized. When there is a buildup of leaves, debris or dirt the space can become unsafe or unusable for your family and guests. Our team is trained and qualified to use a pressure washer to be able to remove the buildup from the decking of your outdoor living space and regain the use of your patio. The process can take as little as a days work or can escalate to multiple days depending on the vast nature of your property and the level of buildup.


Our homes are undoubtedly the biggest investments that we make, and keeping our investment in the best shape possible is beneficial to your monetary investment and also the lifespan of the structure itself. The more neglect a home endures the faster the property will depreciate and decay. Siding can be hit with wind and dirt, mud and other conditions that apply a layer of debris to the outside of your home. To minimize the potential damage to your home, a pressure washing is recommended. Our team is highly skilled and able to assess and safely remove any unwanted substance from the siding of your home using this technique.


Concrete is commonly pressure washed once or twice a year depending on the amount of buildup on the material. The benefit of concrete is that it is durable and able to withstand a high amount of wear and tear. The concrete in our outdoor living space can also easily accumulate dirt and other substance that can be a hazard to pedestrians walking on the surface. Your driveway, deck or other concrete surface is able to effectively and pressure wash with an appropriate cleaning solution.


Windows are comprised of a more fragile substance than concrete or other materials. Therefore we need to be conscious of the level of pressure being used on windows when pressure washing. There are multiple good practices when pressure washing windows and these are executed by professionals when you hire PDX Yard Cleaners. Keep your windows in tact but keep them shining and translucent with the proper washing they require. When you are in your home looking out, be able to appreciate your view and your outdoor space with the view you deserve. Being able to see through your windows without dirt or debris clouding your sight may sound like a small thing, but the difference is huge.