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Spring Clean-Up

pile of yard debris many green plants and leaves

Spring has sprung, temperatures are rising and the opportunity to spend additional time outdoors without freezing is here. Being able to enjoy the outdoor space that your home provides is important. We know the value of spending time with family and loved ones . Having a safe and clean space outdoors to entertain in is imperative for hosting. PDX offers a variety of spring clean up options for consumers in Portland. Whether a simple mow is in need or a more extensive pruning and clean up is required we are here to assist with any spring clean up job.


Trees grow, and just as a prune is necessary in the fall the spring brings the same necessity. Our team is qualified and trained on safety standards while performing pruning. We take safety very seriously and provide the highest-grade safety gear to each employee prior to completing a job on site. There are proper tools required to safely and effectively prune large and high trees. If you do not have these materials we suggest hiring a professional to accomplish pruning in your yard so to keep your safety as a priority.


Throughout the fall and winter, the amount of leaves and debris or snow can inhibit homeowners from being able to properly maintain the length of their lawn. Spring-cleaning is necessary for the yard as well. Mowing the grass throughout your property is a great first step to cleaning up your yard for spring and subsequently summer. Be able to utilize your outdoor space for volleyball, crocket or any other activity you fancy! Our mowing service consists of picking up large debris located on the designated area and trimming the edges as well as the internal mow.

Clean Up

The warmer season of spring brings sun, higher temperatures and thaws the icy grip that winter had on your property. There is a large list of to-dos that accumulate in the spring due to the weather conditions in the previous seasons. As much as we prepare for winter during fall, there are always situations and what ifs that fall through the crack. Your outdoor living space is preparing for its heightened season in spring and summer, and to be able to fully enjoy these seasons you will want to have a spring-clean up of accumulated work. Debris, fallen branches and mowing needs are just some of the potential points on your spring clean up list.

Bare Areas or Dead Spots

Grass is a living organism, and like any living thing grass has a lifespan. During the colder months and combined with snow your grass can become barren in some areas. During the spring we are able to assess the damage done through the frosty months and formulate a plan to revive the lawn to its former glory. Having a green, fresh and crisp lawn is a possibility no matter the condition of the lawn. Call our service professionals today to start your lawn’s progression plan today.