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Weed Removal

PDX Yard Cleaners - Weed Removal 2

Weeds can be pesky and invasive uninvited guests in your outdoor space. Weeds are tough and create an obstacle for homeowners when it comes to keeping their lawn impeccable. The undesirable and unsightly plants can keep coming back to haunt your lawn again and again.  Effectively removing weeds can take a multi-faceted approach. Chemicals can be combined with pulling and preventative measures to prohibit the weeds from re-growing.

Solutions used

Weed killing solutions can be highly effective when removing and keeping the weeds from your lawn. The quickest method is to use a weed-killing spray on the area, however this can come with some warnings. Some chemicals can be dangerous and harsh to your health and the health of your family. Chemical herbicide is an option that is taken up by many consumers in Oregon and throughout the United States.


The best natural way to prevent weeds is to replace the garden or lawn with mulch. Applying a substantial layer of the organic mulch can help curb the growth of weeds in your yard. Underlayment between a rock layers creates a barrier that helps dissipate the growth of weeds. Prevention is key to curb the overgrowth of weeds in a outdoor space. Prevention can come in the form of regular weeding with tools, or an extensive haul with chemicals and tools combined to stop the rapid growth of the plants. Some homeowners prefer one method to the other and we are able to successfully stop weed growth through manual tool removal and chemical weed killing options. Talk to our consultants today to choose the absolute best option for you and your family.

Large Area Removal

Weeds are known to spread through the distribution of seeds dropped by birds or moved with the wind; this causes weeds to keep growing in areas not desired by homeowners. The growth of these weeds can be accelerated if the property is kept vacant or not periodically maintained. The spread of the seeds, and in turn weeds can be substantial over a property through the passing of some time. Our team is equipped to handle large areas with overwhelming amounts of unwanted weeds. Working with quality tools and highly affective chemicals we are able to remove large areas of weeds in a timely and effective manor.

Organic Options

Harsh chemicals may not be an option for households conscious of the environment or with small children or animals residing in the dwelling. Harsh chemicals are not required to eliminate weeds, although they do have a an effective place in weed removal.  We provide professional quality organic herbicide options for the households who are not open to chemical options. We appreciate the individuality of our clients and strive to individualize the process of yard cleaning to meet each clients needs. Being able to eliminate annoying weeds while using organic herbicide is a fairly new ability, but we have paired with the best suppliers to offer you this environmentally conscious option.