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Yard Maintenance

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Yard maintenance is a varied job; it can consist of fertilization, gravel application, tree removal and so much more. Whether your yard requires leaf removal, tree or shrub pruning or another individual and unique need we are able to assist. The life span of your yard can flourish with the proper maintenance and care from lawn and yard professionals. We offer regular cleanings and on call services to be able to best accommodate our customers needs. Call today for more information or check us out on Instagram and twitter for our before and after photographs.

Recurring Maintenance

Scheduled yard cleanings will help maintain the appearance of your outdoor space and keep your yard usable. There are weekly, bi-weekly and monthly options available for your unique situation. Depending on the size and make-up of your outdoor space prices will be quoted upon consultation. Enjoy your time outside, and leave the hard work to our team of efficient professionals. The team you employ is efficient and consistently delivers quality results. Holding the proven track record we do in Portland is not easy, we have worked hard to gain and maintain the respect and trust of our Oregon community.


Fertilizer is a natural or synthetic additive that is added to your garden, grass or organic areas to increase nutrient supply to the growth of your plants or lawn. Proper fertilization of your lawn will improve the quality of the your grass. Have your greenery growing healthier and greener than last year with the addition of fertilizer to your routine. Fertilization can be simplified as food for plants. It is essential in the growth of healthy and flourishing plants. Fertilizer also adds nutrients such as; sulfur, magnesium and calcium. These additives help nourish the plants or lawn that they are added to, increasing their productivity.

Gravel & Rock Application

Gravel and rock are popular additives to bed areas of your outdoor space. Some other popular additions to the outdoor living space of your home are bark mulch or compost. We are equipped to pick up and deliver rock and other materials to your property and install the proper under bedding necessary to complete your job with proficiency. Your outdoor space adds value to the property and having a quality and professional job completed will make a difference to the equity involved in your home. Be sure to call PDX Yard cleaners for all your rock bed, mulch and application needs.

Tree Removal

Tree removal takes specialized tools and safety precautions to be able to efficiently and successfully accomplish the job at hand. We are able to take care of a variety of removal needs such as, dead wood removal and dangerous removals. Precarious situations can put you in danger. Do not chance your health when it comes to tree removal and call the professionals who are prepared to complete the job on schedule and with the necessary tools.